VOCABULARY- With Clues (1-10)

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VOCABULARY: With Clues (1-10)


protest ruled exploited deprived sacrifice foreign
win free domination struggle tolerate in chain

Man is born to (a) ___. He does not want to be (b) ___. If he is in chains, he begins to (c) ___to make him free from exploitation. Similarly if a nation is (d) __ by foreign (e) ___and is (f) ___of the rights, he begins to (g) ___. Even it does not feel hesitation to (h) ___his life. Once   Bangalee was ruled by Pakistani ruler. But they could not (i) ___it and struggle against Pakistani and (j) ___ the victory.

ANSWER: a) free b) in chain c) struggle d) exploited e) domination f) deprived g) protest h) sacrifice i) tolerate

                    j) won.


crying need allowed treated so behave origin
eradicated of too justice curse corruption

Corruption begets (a) __. It may (b) __from vicious politics, weak administration and many other matters. Bangladesh is (c) __as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. The malaise is too deep and wide to be (d) __due to (e) __. We find injustice prevailing all over the country. The ultimate sufferings for corruption go to the common people who are born to be deprived (f) __their legal rights. The law is (g) __weak to punish such criminals. The eradication of corruption is a (h)__for our greatest interest. They make country free from this (i)__. People in power should be accountable. None should be (j)__above the law.

ANSWER : a) injustice b) originate c) treated d) eradicated e) corruption f) of g) too h) crying need i) curse

                     j) behaved.


tremendous comprises alternative involves enhance transaction
animation productivity product reducing human manipulating

Information technology is the technology that (a)__in creating, storing, (b)__and communicating information. It is the end (c)__of data processing. Micro computers have brought multidimensional disciplines to the Information Technology. Tremendous development in computer and electronics had brought (d)__development in the field of Information Technology. It can (e)__the economic growth. It has many opportunities in the field of business. It can be used for (f)_process, data warehouse, management, information system etc. It finds its uses in multimedia which (g)__text sound graphics, video and (h)__. It can also help in (i)__poverty. It can help improving the (j)__of the working people.

ANSWER:  a) involves b) manipulating c) product d) tremendous e) enhance f) transaction g) comprises

                     h) animation i) reducing j) productivity.


time   tops long affected happened standstill
risen records greatly washed stopped occurred

The flood that had (a) __in 2007 in our country broke all the (b)__of the past. Water level had never (c) __so high. The duration of the flood was also very (d) __. Normal activities were (e) __for a long time . A large number of people became homeless. The miseries of the (f) __people knew no bounds. Crops were (g) __damaged. Cattle and many other things were (h) ___away. Thousands of people took shelter on the (i) __of the roofs, boats and embankments. Life came to a (j) __.


  1. a) occurred  b) records c) risen d) long e) stopped f) stopped g) greatly h) washed i) top j) standstill.


evil very lives neglected proper regret
real when been remember get about

Our freedom fighters are the  a)__heroes of our country. We should  b)__them as they sacrificed their  c)__for the cause of motherland. It is a matter of great  d)__that most of them are  e)__and our young generation does not know  f)__their valiant struggle. Yet today many of the real freedom fighters have not  g)__found out and established. Some of them lead a  h)__poor life. The authority should take  i)__step to enlist them and give them  j)__honor.

ANSWER: a) real  b) remember  c) lives  d) regret  e) neglected  f) about  g) been  h) very  i) proper  j) proper.


through work long ready inferior blue-blood
rational sacrifice high aware above same

Man’s dignity depends upon his works. Man is a (a)__being on the earth. He is to (b)__. He should not be proud if he is of (c)__. He should be (d)__to help any class of man.  The man whom he is helping may be (e)__to him by birth bur after all he is a man. He has the (f)__blood and flesh as the (g)__mentioned man. So, he should (h)__his own life for other’s welfare. We cannot live (i)__on the earth. We must die once. But we can live (j)___our words.

ANSWER: a) rational  b) work c) blue-blood d) ready e) inferior f) same g) above h) sacrifice i) long  j) through.


about even protected accepted harmful modern
immediate science worse affects efficiently equally

There is another form of pollution and people are not (a)__concerned (b)__it. It is noise. Our (c)__civilized life is full of noise. We have noise from vehicles, mills, factories, aero planes, radios, cassette players, televisions etc. But we have (d)__noise as a part of our daily life. Noise is (e)__for us. It (f)__our hearing, nerves our ability to work (g)__and (h)__our health. So we should take (i)__steps to protect all kinds of pollution which is getting (j)__every day.

ANSWER:  a) even  b) about  c) modern  d) accepted  e) harmful  f) affects  g) efficiently  h) equally i) immediate

                    j) worse.


prevent enables take excellent tired fitness
physically fills struggles essential free helps

Physical exercise is (a) —for all. It keeps us (b) — strong and healthy. Our life is full of activities and (c) —.We can face them if we have physical and mental (d)—. It is physical exercise which (e) —us to have a sound mind in a sound body. Physical exercise (f) —some other benefits to. It also offers us an (g) —recreation. It takes our mind (h) —from the drudgery of work and (i)—it with joy. So we must (j) —physical exercise for our sound health.

ANSWER: a) essential b) physically  c) struggles d) fitness e) enables f) helps  g) excellent h) free i) fills j) take.


safely narrow menace invention life controlled
daily lie violate happen increasing lives

Road accidents are  a)___ occurrences in modern city life. Every year thousands of people lose their  b)___ and many from are injured. Before the  c)___ of automobiles, people moved from one place to another slowly but  d)___ . The real causes of road accidents  e)___ with the people not with the transports. In some cities the roads are  f)___ . These can hardly cope with the  g)___ number of traffic. Besides, the traffic is not  h)___ properly. The drivers often  i)___ traffic rules. As road accidents become a great  j)___, immediate steps should be taken to stop the danger.

ANSWER: a) daily b) lives c) invention d) safely e) lie f) narrow g) increasing   h) controlled i) violate j) menace.


efforts removing help assist aware thought
literacy enlarge social increase illiteracy realise

Inability to read and write is (a)__. It hinders all development (b)___of the government. The literacy rate of Bangladesh is still low. We have to (c)___this rate for the entire development of the country. A country’s development cannot be (d)___of keeping the large number of people (e)___. Government alone cannot meet this challenge without the (f)___of the literate community. It is the (g)___responsibility of the literate people to (h)___the government for the eradication of illiteracy. We must (i)___that we cannot exist as a nation without (j)___illiteracy from the society.

ANSWER: (a) illiteracy (b) efforts (c) increase (d) thought (e) illiterate (f) help (g) social (h) help  (i) realise

                  (j) removing.



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