No More Cramming!

No More Cramming! There is no good in cramming. But it is good to start reading attentively from the very beginning of the year.  Don’t memories any lesson without understanding.  … Continue Reading →

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Degree Final Year English Suggestion 2018

Degree Final Year English Suggestion 2018 Passage  Today woman are playing important…. income. Today women are playing important…….. brings. Money cannot buy……… happiness. A freedom fighter is…………. on the world. … Continue Reading →


CONDITIONAL SENTENCE Now-a-days, most of the countryside students (not all) are being taught Conditional Sentences in the method of  1st conditional,  2nd conditional and  3rd conditional sentences. They are achieving … Continue Reading →


Chitchat! How about telling a story in place of study? This time I feel like telling a story. I had better tell a story. Actually, it’s not like a story … Continue Reading →


Planning  Planning is a main part of any business. It is key in running a business. It organizes a sequence of action steps to attain some definite target. It is … Continue Reading →


Clash  Clash is an unavoidable part of life. It can be defined in many ways but one of the simplest is that it pertains to the opposing ideas and actions … Continue Reading →

Importance of family 

Importance of family  I think, family support is an important part of a family. We learnt- family support is the support of families with a member with a disability, which … Continue Reading →


Relationship If you open “Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary” and search the word of ‘Relationship’-you will see its clear meaning.The way in which two or more people, groups, countries, etc, talk to … Continue Reading →

Nervous Strain! 

Nervous Strain!  In our daily life, we are not absolutely free. To save our life, especially for our children, we have to be alert about their life.  You know well … Continue Reading →

Teaching Profession

Teaching Profession  Teaching is the dedicated submission of knowledge, skills and attributes designed to afford exclusive service to meet the educational needs of the individual and of society. Teachers instruct … Continue Reading →

Social people

Social people Becoming a social people means that you have an inherent desire to improve the lives of people who are less fortunate or unable to advocate for themselves Society … Continue Reading →

Legal Help!

Legal Help! Nowadays winning the public mind is essential. Fortunately, it is not a very hard job. What is needed is to work together with others concerned and to do … Continue Reading →

Let’s Be Happy! 

Let’s Be Happy!  Life without hope is meaningless. Hope is one of the chief supports of life. This hope teaches us patience and endurance. Where there is hope, there is … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Doing  up!

Poetry: Doing  up!   I love someone …and I lose something Tears come streaming down my face But I can’t replace. I believed once a ‘Word’ I tried my best  but in … Continue Reading →

Understanding concepts!

Understanding concepts! Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. The qualities of the students are of great impact to determine the student’s bright future and career. So, who is a good student? … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Still Alive!

Poetry: Still Alive!   Isolated  struggling  for existence;  eventually couldn’t die  living somewhat  your voice I hear  in this heavenly Earth….. Now- I can live  and well … near the … Continue Reading →

Visiting in a holiday 

Visiting in a holiday  Holidays are important for relaxation and change. Holidays provide relief from the monotony of our daily routine. They are important for our mental and emotional well … Continue Reading →


Co-operation  Today, I’d like to talk about ‘Co-operation’. Yeah! We need co-operation. Co-operation means working together for the benefit of all. We need co-operation in every field of endeavor. It … Continue Reading →

Leading Facility

Leading Facility  The world is changing. The changing old world is being now modern and its demand is high quality. To keep pace with this world, learning computer is a … Continue Reading →


Saving! Saving is income not spent. Everyone knows it’s smart to save money in the long run, but many of us still have difficulty doing it. There’s more to saving … Continue Reading →

Leading Life!

Leading Life! Think about your life. Can’t you find it out that our life is beautiful as well as dutiful? I know, you are entirely agreed upon me. Actually, your … Continue Reading →


Truthfulness What’s happening in our country named Bangladesh? What’s the real fact? May be it’s true or false! If any, to tell a lie is a great sin and we … Continue Reading →

Family Violence!

Family Violence! How about thinking our family? Yes, today I’d like to tell something about family and it’s violence. Family violence is present in almost every society of the world. The … Continue Reading →

Making Mistakes?

Making Mistakes? Don’t worry too much about it.  Take it easy. Just keep following…  A large number of students worry that they are lying face down to make a mistake … Continue Reading →

Modern society

Modern society! In reality- a society is commonly measured modern when it is industrialized. Modern societies are likely to have excessive personal possessions. This societies show a cultural, liberal growth … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Jumping Heart!

Poetry: Jumping Heart! Monica—  Every heartbeat bears your name  loud and clear  And it’s true Ask anyone…  Here’s my heart  Listen to me  You can speak  Yeah! What’s on my … Continue Reading →

A Queer Concept!

A Queer Concept! In our daily life, we sometimes face a problem of superstition problem that are antagonistic between a society and its normal life. But this superstition is a … Continue Reading →


Schooling What comes from Allah is pure, but it becomes impure with the touch of men. Yes, it’s true and we all should agree in this connection. As we are … Continue Reading →

Miscall flaw!

Miscall flaw! We all know that mobile phone is one of the latest editions of modern communication technology. It is very useful to important persons. This mobile phone plays a … Continue Reading →

Tidy up! 

Tidy up!  To clean your home can be spent on other, more important things. But if you think, you have time or it’s possible for you, you can do to … Continue Reading →


Saving Let’s Prevent Shopping Binges right now…  1. Let’s identify the shopping trigger.  2. Initially, we can pay for buying something by check, cash or debit card.  3. Let’s make … Continue Reading →

Teaching Profession

Teaching Profession Teaching is the dedicated submission of knowledge, skills and attributes designed to afford exclusive service to meet the educational needs of the individual and of society. Teachers instruct … Continue Reading →

Depend upon Agriculture! 

Depend upon Agriculture  Bangladesh is an agricultural country. We all depend upon agriculture to meet our requirement of food. We get our food because the farmer grows crops and carries … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Heart’s Song 

Poetry: Heart’s Song  The mountain’s tears  come down as showers the stone’s sorrow remains within inarticulate. When the air’s mournful it is restless listless the moon’s extreme pain ends in lunar … Continue Reading →


Self-reliance! Before discussing Self-reliance or self-support the thing which has to be mentioned at first is that we all must have consciousness about it. Self-reliance or self-support means not to … Continue Reading →

Life & Reality…. 

Life & Reality….  I believe, life is unexplained and definitely not a “Tale told by an idiot, suggesting nothing.”  In fact, life is a heavenly poem in this world. But … Continue Reading →

Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead……. To make our world peaceful, law and order situation we have to have control ourselves. We should not be in despair probably ‘because every cloud has a silver … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Love

Poetry: Love      Love is need Love is pain Love is love Or it’s feelings   It may be recollecting; Or using Can change someone Or Everything. Or crying— … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Black luster

Poetry: Black luster A heaven of blooming flowers Pouring their fragrance In the air Amid a feast of colors In our souls Where we live Nature stretches out Its varied themes … Continue Reading →

Student Life!

Student Life! Are you a student? Do you need to have preparation?Do you want to acquire knowledge?Do you need to have heroic performance? Don’t worry.Just keep following these points:  You … Continue Reading →

Way of life

Way of life Dear learners- you know, life is nothing but struggling for existence. Yeah! We are struggling against all odds. Actually, the main focus of a student is to … Continue Reading →


Homework Homework is the work that is given by the teachers for students to do at home. Students have to write up the notes or have to do their subjects … Continue Reading →

Two Poems

 Two Poems (i) It’s under the blue sky Keep pace with the rhyme and pass the village today. The flowers have bloomed…. smell them that is the fun. Let’s go … Continue Reading →

Life Leading Tips

Bringing out the BEST It’s true that by working with your family can bring out the best in you and relatives. It’s possible for you. If you have the knowledge, … Continue Reading →

Caring Children

Caring Children If we look at the developed countries, we find that the root of their development is education. An educated nation can take the country to the highest peak … Continue Reading →

Safety Needs

Safety Needs Is individual liberty what denotes true civilization? The urge for liberty is felt when life imposes too many restrictions. For instance, children are in a way condemned to … Continue Reading →


Education  Education is the process of making easy the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. It can take place in formal or informal settings and any experience that … Continue Reading →

Leisure Interest

Leisure Interest Leisure time is meant for relaxing, participating in pleasurable activities, pursuing goals and dreams that don’t involve work. To use leisure wisely, we must discover our interests, passions, … Continue Reading →


Life-style  We are very familiar with the word “Life” and “Life-style”. I know a life of a couple. They are so happy. They strongly believe and say, “Happiness is wanting, … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Hardship

Poetry: Hardship Desert heart- Hazard me; Here’s only pain. Stone of mind- Tease me; Here’s no cheating game. Lustful love- Laugh at me; Here’s only shame!

Leading Life!

 Leading Life! In my today’s writing, I’m going to write something about “Life”. Yes, it’s about Life that can be defined in many ways. Anyway, I understand from a reliable … Continue Reading →

Poetry:Best Is Love 

Poetry Best Is Love  A flute enchanting Its tune haunting Enthralls my feelings Earthly and ether-cal And that’s how love blooms. A rose silken yellow Fragrance womanly mellow Beauty unbelievable … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Recollection

 Poetry: Recollection! How can I forget you?  You would love the lights at nights  On the neon Broadway signs  you didn’t really mind,  It’s only love  You hoped to find  … Continue Reading →


SLOGANS FOR STATIONERY SHOP Giving Excellent Product  Placing People First  Excitement, Excellence, Modernism  Having Promising Power  Committing Superb Item  We Carry Your Ideas  Your Actual Need  Ranking Your Products  Only for … Continue Reading →


BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Writing Strong Letter Knowing how to write a strong letter ourselves is important. By following proper and well-understood formats and keeping our writing clear and engaging, we are … Continue Reading →

Celebrating EID

Celebrating EID Wishing all, especially Muslims a happy Eid. Muslims around the world are going to celebrate Eid- ul- Fitr. Eid- ul- Fitr is also known as Small Eid. Eid … Continue Reading →

For S.S.C candidates:Tag Questions Hasn’t/Haven’t & Mayn’t/Must/Mustn’t/Can/Can’t/Could/Couldn’t/Need/Needn’t/Oughtn’t

Tag Questions Hasn’t/Haven’t She has little idea about it, has she? He has to lead a miserable life, hasn’t he? It has a large population, hasn’t it?  They have to be overcome if … Continue Reading →


CONVERSATION AMI: Good Morning, Ovi. OVI: Good Morning, Ami. How are you? AMI: Fine, thanks. And you? OVI: Fine. Where are you going? AMI: To Dhaka. OVI: Ok. I’ll see … Continue Reading →

Working women

Working women These days the women of Bangladesh are becoming working women. They are no more dependent on men. Their role is changing progressively. If you have a close look … Continue Reading →

Conversation-19 [Role Play]

Conversation-19 [Role Play]   Public Prosecutor: Hello Mr. – will you please tell us your name? Witness: Sanny. Public Prosecutor: What do you do, Mr. Sanny.? Witness : I’m a shopkeeper. … Continue Reading →

□ Conversation-18

□ Conversation-18 Y     : Hey Man- I shall file a criminal case against you. X     : Excuse me- your act is illegal. Y     : Hey man- I know it. Don’t … Continue Reading →

□ Conversation-16

□ Conversation-16 Son      : Mom- I’m feeling hungry. Please, get me a cup of tea. Mother : My son- don’t take tea on an empty stomach. Son      : But- I’m … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Desiring!

Poetry: Desiring! Yes, You’ve got it! And it’s true.  I wanted to tell you,  Just give me only a chance-  And let me start by saying the word  That I … Continue Reading →

□ Conversation-14

□ Conversation-14 X: Hi friend! Congratulation! Y: Congratulation! Delighted to meet you! X: Delighted to meet you too! How are you in this special day? Y: O yeah, absolutely feeling … Continue Reading →

 Slogans for Tailors

 Slogans for Tailors *Your Helpful Tailor * The Clients Contentment * Your Bodily Shape * It’s a belief * Addressing Fashion-Design- Style * Advancing your style * Your Customary Tailor … Continue Reading →


□ Conversation-13 X: Hi friend! What harm have I done to you? Y: What’s up? Why are you losing temper? X: Don’t stretch the matter. It’s all you’re doing. You’re … Continue Reading →

Despondent Patients!

Despondent Patients In our daily life, there are a lot of problems that created by us. This time, I want to write something about my experience. Yeah, it’s all about … Continue Reading →

Spoken English Tips: BODY LANGUAGE 

Spoken English Tips BODY LANGUAGE  Body is the most reliable source of messages and meanings. Feelings of satisfaction, happiness, affection, modesty, sympathy, empathy, reassurance, surprise can be best and naturally … Continue Reading →

□ Conversation-12

□ Conversation-12   X: Hi friend! Congratulation! Y: Congratulation! X: Pleased to see you. Y: Pleased to see you too. How’s it going, now a days? X: Oh- yeah! It’s … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Daydream! 

Poetry: Daydream!  Dear-  We can build our dream together. Put your hand in my hand,  Please don’t ever look back Let it be darling Believe it- we can make it  … Continue Reading →

Interviewing (Day-3)

Interviewing (Day-3) Hi guys, pleased to see you. Welcome to our “Interviewing (Day-3)”. Today, here’s our new guest. Let’s talk her. Monica: Excuse me- May I ask you a series … Continue Reading →

Instructional leadership!

Instructional leadership The instructional expertise and knowledge of curriculum provided will be provided with a sound foundation for leading instructional efforts in the school or college. The teachers should travel … Continue Reading →


Poetry In our daily life, I think, I believe- ‘Poetry’ is a must. Though it s so hard but essential.  Actually, to write poem is very hard. First you need … Continue Reading →


Conversation-9 X: Hi friend! Nice to meet you. Y: Nice to meet you too. How are you, friend? X: Fine, thanks. And you? Y: I’m also fine. Long time no … Continue Reading →


Conversation-8 MONICA     : Hey, Monisha! How are you? MONISHA   : Hey, fine, thanks And you? MONICA     : Very well. What are you going to do this evening? MONISHA   : Well, … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Going crazy!

Poetry: Going crazy! It’s me- baby  Can’t you see it? You’ve got me going crazy! Furthermore I will be dreaming; I am just waiting. Baby-  Do believe me;  You’ve got … Continue Reading →

Learning English! 

Learning English!  English is considered as an important language in this world today. It is also a modern language. We can say -English is one of many important languages of … Continue Reading →

Agriculture  in Bangladesh

Agriculture  in Bangladesh Since in  Bangladesh, even now in 2018 of the Third Millennium, more than 77% of the population depend on agriculture, it is necessary that the products of the land … Continue Reading →

Poetry: All My Life

Poetry: All My Life   Spiritual leader- I’m so glad I will never find another educator  better-natured than you, You turned my life  You picked me up when I was … Continue Reading →


 Poetry:   FIRST LOVE You are my earliest love Dear, trust me… There’s no second, third or fourth love. Have a quick look You making me feel So fly! And now … Continue Reading →

Think About It!

Think About It! We are known about the word of Corruption. Obviously this corruption has become an enduring pattern of our public life.  Suppose, you are in a corrupted country … Continue Reading →


Creativity Creativity is the key to achieving a better standard of living; this makes creativity an important element in a student’s education. Here, I can request them who are teaching … Continue Reading →


Tolerance Tolerance is a must for modern life to live in the society peacefully. We can very well understand how important tolerance is when it is disrupted by us. This … Continue Reading →

For modern civilization!

For modern civilization!  Do you have the tendency of modern civilization? I mean, are you enjoying city life? If yes, I may say-you having better facilities, right? We all know … Continue Reading →


Conversation-6 Jony :Hi! Lisa- Good morning! Nice to meet you. Lisa : Hi! Jony- Good morning! Nice to meet you too. How are you, this morning? Jony :I’m very well … Continue Reading →

Vocabulary World-1 [Vocabulary + making sentences]

Vocabulary World-1 [Vocabulary + making sentences] To –Go to the college.                                             Towards -He is coming towards me. Ahead -Go ahead to find the place.       Back –Please come back. … Continue Reading →

Homeless People!

Homeless People! Have you ever heard the name of BANGLADESH? Do you know ‘Dhaka’ city, a capital city of Bangladesh? If yes, you will entirely agree with me. Yeah, I’m … Continue Reading →


Conversation-5 MUMMY: Good Evening, my son/daughter SON/DAUGHTER: Good Evening, Mummy. How are you? MUMMY: Fine, thanks. And  you? SON/DAUGHTER: Fine. What are you doing, Mummy? MUMMY: I’m just cooking. SON/DAUGHTER: … Continue Reading →


Conversation-4 Monica: Hello, excuse me—                                       Jack: Yes please. Monica: May I introduce myself? I’m Monica.          Jack: How do you do. I’m  Jack. Monica: How do you do? Good Morning                  … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Stay Together

Poetry: Stay Together Everyday I think Think about you, Your touch-  Touching a heart;  And here’s my saying, dear-  Make me happy,  Stay as one, and then have a new … Continue Reading →


Poetry: Eternally  Monica- I know  how much you miss me;  I can still hear—-  the words you whispered. Monica-  In your heart—  I can still hear a beat for every … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Emotion!

Poetry: Emotion!   It’s me ….!  Dear,  Step here;  Yes, it’s Heartache!  That lives on inside.  It’s been so long  Where are you dear, now that I need you?  It’s … Continue Reading →


Conversation-3 Monica: Hello Jack: Hi Monica: How are you? Jack: I’m good. How are you? Monica: Very well. Do you speak English? Jack: A little. Are you Bangladeshi? Monica: Yes. … Continue Reading →

The financial slogans

The financial slogans   The financial slogans:  Getting larger , Acting lesser  Building up likely.  You’re in high-quality  Flowing in finance. Dreams for your money.  Dream it. Reach it. We … Continue Reading →

Interviewing: Day-2

Interviewing [Day-2] Hi guys, nice to meet you. Welcome to our “Interviewing Part”. Well, Today, I’m once again going to talk Mr. Ravi.  Monica: Hello- Mr. Ravi. May I ask … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Feelings! 

Poetry: Feelings!  Looking into eyes I see  That makes me crazy– The expectant of your touch I feel  It takes me to you ,really– Feeling affection for you I think … Continue Reading →


TEACHING AID At present, considering the high cost of living, it is agonizing for the teacher to be able to make both ends meet, leave alone living reasonable well. The … Continue Reading →

Interviewing [Day-1]

Interviewing Day-1 Hi guys, nice to meet you. Welcome to our “Interviewing Part”. I’m Monica, a well-wisher of OYSTER ACADEMY. Well, I welcome all of you on behalf of OYSTER … Continue Reading →

Everyday English- 1

Everyday English# 01 Long time no see.= Yeah, right It’s been long time since we met.=Yeah, right Are you surprised to see me?=No, it’s ok. I’ve heard a lot about … Continue Reading →


Piracy! According to a news item in the daily News coast guards of Bangladesh arrested some pirates from the Bay of Bengal.I think, this is certainly an admirable step and … Continue Reading →

Social Networking

Social Networking We all are known that it is the age of globalization. In this age, one can’t live alone. By this contemplation human created society. So, if anyone tries … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Probability

Probability   Wanting for  a small life   Waiting for  a hope    Deposited a real love For someone Though I don’t know  about it   To whom it’s waiting for? … Continue Reading →


Communicating Written communication involves any type of message that makes use of the written word. There are different types of written communication. They are-  1. Proposals  2. Contracts  3. Postcards  … Continue Reading →


Attentiveness!  It’s true that- attentiveness strategies require practice. We all have the ability to give attention to our studies. Actually, attentiveness means the ability to direct one’s thinking in whatever … Continue Reading →


Tips for YOU [ABOUT PARAGRAPH] Every paragraph should contain Topic sentence, Supports sentence and Closing sentence. 1. Topic Sentence: It expresses the main idea of the paragraph. Remember, topic sentence … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Wanna Know

Wanna Know   Lonely day –  Lonely night –  No response,  No buddy.  Once you’re so intimate friend!  Let me know, dear-  Say to me, darling-  What makes you silence?  What’s … Continue Reading →


Conversation-2 John  : Hi, friend! Good Evening. Pleased to see  you. Jenny: Hi, Good Evening. Pleased to see  you too. John  : How are you, friend? Jenny: Well, I’m fine, … Continue Reading →

About Shopping 

Shopping  Nowadays, going shopping is not only an economic activity, but also a recreational activity for women. Shops are necessary places, where people go to buy their necessary things. Shopping … Continue Reading →

Poetry: A Pain 

A Pain Here’s a pain  And it’s YOU-  get the wrong idea   But…….   promised once!  Here’s a request that  never fail to remember  a love (me)  I just believe  And … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Water

Poetry: Water       Water in the cloud  Water from the rain—  Water in the eyes  Water in the sight—  Water for the life  Water in the youth;  Sweet-water  It’s … Continue Reading →

Educated Girl 

Educated Girl  Educated girl plays variety of significant roles in our society from her birth till the end of life. Even after playing her all the roles and the entire job … Continue Reading →

Choosing Career!

Choosing Career Whatever we do, we should remember our aim. We are moving with passage of time to the endless journey. We are surrounded with work and we have to … Continue Reading →

Poetry: She!

SHE!   An inspiration  Then a heart;  Next to motivation  Courage took part;  One stimulation  Made me feelings;  She’s my stimulation  Also my spirit.

Poetry: My Melody!

Melody!   Fragments of flower-  Feeling natural; This heart’s little,  But cultural.  Fresh air from tree-  That you know of all;  I’ve a loving breath,  That’s best of all.  Cute … Continue Reading →


Conversation-1 Monica: Hello, excuse me—  Jack: Yes please. Monica: May I introduce myself? I’m Monica.  Jack: How do you do. I’m Jack. Monica: How do you do? Good Morning  Jack: … Continue Reading →


GRIEF AND SUFFERING!  You know- our lives are today covered with miserable grief and sufferings. Now-a-days this corruption has seemingly become part of our tradition, whereas it ought to be … Continue Reading →

Tips for you!

Tips for you! Don’t Speak Fast!  Remember that – It is more important that everything you say is understood. You should keep in your mind- being fluent does NOT mean … Continue Reading →

Shopping Addiction!

Shopping Addiction! If you have addictive behaviors, you may be a candidate for shopping addiction. This addiction tends to involve you to go on binges all year long.  Shopping addiction … Continue Reading →

Acid Violence! 

Acid Violence!  Today, I plan to write about ‘Acid violence’ and you know- It has been spreading nowadays in our society in an epidemic form. No language is enough to … Continue Reading →

Poetry: A Supple Mind!

A Supple Mind   You’re my SONNET; Timely recited. Presently studying…. With a supple mind. Finding a soul; Perfectly examined Nicely decorating The living’s right. Touching a heart; Kept arid … Continue Reading →

Spoken English: Greetings!

  Greetings   Greetings Hello  Hi   Good Morning   Good Noon   Good Afternoon   Good Evening    Nice to meet you   Nice to meet you too   Happy to see you   Happy to see you … Continue Reading →


English suggestion for 2nd year student of NU Comprehension: Patriotism means the love….. of the Country. What is education? It is……we remain foolish. Education is considered…….of globalization. There is a good number of……….of failure. An intellectual … Continue Reading →

Loving a LOVE!

Loving a LOVE! In my heart!     You took a place-    Into my heart;    No way to avoid me-   Here’s a pain! How can I forget you?  Please never stop … Continue Reading →

Concentration skills

Concentration skills Students can give their total attention. They must pay their total concentration in his/her studies. Improving their concentration can be invaluable. It can even affect their social life. … Continue Reading →

Tips for YOU-1

Tips for YOU-1 At the interviewer’s door! Before going at the interviewer’s door, you’ll have to take some important steps and I think, it will be helpful for you: (i) … Continue Reading →

Time & Life!

Time & Life   Time  It could be a single moment  Life can then  Be a beautiful event.  Or missing one’s partner  Sorrow in its own corner  Thought  Felt  In … Continue Reading →

Tag Questions  

  Tag Questions   Does/Doesn’t  He seldom comes here, does he?  He does not take sugar in tea, does he?  Monica knows you better, doesn’t she?  It dazzles our eyes, doesn’t … Continue Reading →

Still Alive!

Still Alive! I’m not going to write this topic only for our country but also for our world. Our present situation is not so good or not so bad condition. … Continue Reading →


HOME TABLE LAMP  It’s a new creation and very simple. You will have to involve the use of your skill and imagination.  Materials and Tools:  Decorative object to be used … Continue Reading →


Gambling  Shockingly, most of the undeveloped country’s people in the power seat are short-sighted (in Asia)and do not realize that by only looking out for “No. One”; they are ruining … Continue Reading →

Fantastic view!

Fantastic view! It’s now ‘Phagun’- Presents us Fantastic view, Look- here’s green- Green nature; Do  come on, here- Look it’s ‘Phagun’! Now I’m here to show you, Just for you; And … Continue Reading →

Tourism in India

Tourism in India It is hoped that tourism in India will highly developed by the combined efforts of the Central Government and the State Governments.We are known that ‘Tourism’ is … Continue Reading →

“Need Positive Feedback”

“Need Positive Feedback” It is true that positive feedback is very necessary for creative people and without support, motivation and work ethic to get creative projects done will become weak. … Continue Reading →

Using Senses!

Using Senses! We can present our ideas so well that a person who comes to us may be shown certain details that he or she had never noticed before. It … Continue Reading →

Legal Help!

Legal Help! Nowadays winning the public mind is essential. Fortunately, it is not a very hard job. What is needed is to work together with others concerned and to do … Continue Reading →


Co-operation Today, I’d like to talk about ‘Co-operation’. Yeah! We need co-operation. Co-operation means working together for the benefit of all. We need co-operation in every field of endeavor. It … Continue Reading →

Ebb Tide

Ebb Tide I can feel you-  You are my love,  I can tell you, You are in fact real.   The tide rushes- Then rolls out to sea,  And the … Continue Reading →

Academic Feat!

Academic Feat! We all know that – Education is the backbone of a nation. That is why; the nation is becoming more careful about it. Here I would love to … Continue Reading →

Questionable Politics!

Questionable Politics! Now a day’s frustrated people are found everywhere. They may end up, unfortunately, venting their pent up anger through extreme political means or even downright terrorism. Many global … Continue Reading →


Self-Introduction I am (Name), doing my school/college/graduate studies. The name of our school/college/college is _____.The school/college/college is located in ___. I hail from (Your place). I am a day scholar. … Continue Reading →

Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure I think and I believe that-“Prevention is better than cure”.Not only children but also adults need to maintain strict hygiene in the spring season (especially … Continue Reading →

Short Drama: Good Citizen(Part-7)

Good Citizen(Part-7)  [In the Market] [Mr. Saroer comes to the Market. Next Mr. Milon comes with his assistant Mr. Parvez.] Saroer [ To the food inspector]                 : Excuse me? What’s … Continue Reading →


Sorrowfulness It’s almost midnight now! The world is sleeping- All the lights have gone out; It’s now silent Pin-drop-silence! In two eyes, no sleeping; The deep perspiration of mind, Happiness … Continue Reading →


ARTICLES Fill in the blanks in the following test with articles (a/an/the) as necessary. Some of the blanks may not require an article. Put a cross (×) in those blanks: … Continue Reading →