Poetry: Love

Poetry: Love      Love is need Love is pain Love is love Or it’s feelings   It may be recollecting; Or using Can change someone Or Everything. Or crying— … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Hardship

Poetry: Hardship Desert heart- Hazard me; Here’s only pain. Stone of mind- Tease me; Here’s no cheating game. Lustful love- Laugh at me; Here’s only shame!


Conversation-5 MUMMY: Good Evening, my son/daughter SON/DAUGHTER: Good Evening, Mummy. How are you? MUMMY: Fine, thanks. And  you? SON/DAUGHTER: Fine. What are you doing, Mummy? MUMMY: I’m just cooking. SON/DAUGHTER: … Continue Reading →


Conversation-4 Monica: Hello, excuse me—                                       Jack: Yes please. Monica: May I introduce myself? I’m Monica.          Jack: How do you do. I’m  Jack. Monica: How do you do? Good Morning                  … Continue Reading →

Poetry: She!

SHE!   An inspiration  Then a heart;  Next to motivation  Courage took part;  One stimulation  Made me feelings;  She’s my stimulation  Also my spirit.


English suggestion for 2nd year student of NU Comprehension: Patriotism means the love….. of the Country. What is education? It is……we remain foolish. Education is considered…….of globalization. There is a good number of……….of failure. An intellectual … Continue Reading →