Tips for YOU! [For The Professional Teacher]

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Tips for YOU!

For The Professional Teacher
Many teachers dread dealing with oppositional parents. Teachers have enough to deal with already, and then a parent comes down the hall with a dissatisfied look on his/her face. What can be done?
Not to worry! Would you love to develop your profession? If YES, then follow the instructions:
1.First of all, please make available the appropriate tools for your success.
2.Next to be careful your duties after following above instruction
3.You can use Telephone.(Not in the classroom)
You know- Telephone contact must be anticipated and staff must understand the process for helping direct parents and community members to the appropriate person(s).
4. There are six step plan involves and they are:
(1) Identifying the issue,
(2) Sharing interests,
(3) Developing options, 
(4) Using objective criteria/standards to select options, 
(5)Gaining commitment to proposed solution/resolution, 
(6) Evaluating outcomes.
I strongly believe this model will present stability among staff and classes understanding between those involved. And it is possible for you (teacher/s) to have professional development.

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