Spoken English Tips: SKILLFULNESS!

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Spoken English Tips

There are four (4) skills in English Language.

They are:
# 1. Listening Skill 
# 2. Speaking Skill 
# 3. Reading Skill & 
# 4. Writing Skill 

Dear learners- today I’m going to discuss two (2) skills. 
It’s about ‘Speaking’ and ‘Writing’ skill. 
You know, Speaking and Writing are two important productive skills which every Teacher, Trainer, Manager, Administrator and Pleader needs to acquire for his/her professional survival. 
It is true and believable that mastering the art of public speaking is necessary because it enables an administrator to influence or to motivate or to persuade the target persons effectively. 
Speaking and Writing are not only main fruitful skills for every Teacher, Trainer, Manager, Administrator and Pleader but also for everybody to attain for his/her particular continued existence.
Therefore, we all should have four (4) skills, especially speaking and Writing skills to reach our destination.

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