Spoken English Tips-3 [Spoken Skills]

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TIP -3
Spoken Skills

Bringing into play or making use of role-plays, debates, topic discussion, etc., I have watched that some students habitually feel nervous in communicating their viewpoints.
This seems due to a number of reasons and they are:
● Students don’t have an opinion on the subject.
● They are worried about what the other students might say or think.
● They don’t feel they can say exactly what they mean.
● They want to state it in the same moving manner that they are capable of in their native language.
● other more actively participating students, feel confident in their opinions and express them movingly making the less confident students more timid.
So, to speak English and to enrich its skills, never habitually feel nervous in communicating your view points. You should practice it regularly.

Practically, speaking lessons and exercises are planned to improve spoken skills.

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