Short Drama: Let’s  Be  Honest(Part- 5)

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Short Drama

Let’s  Be  Honest

Part- 5

 [Killing queens, monster goes  away.The worried king’s walking leisurely and then he can see the saint.]

Monster: Ha—ha—ha—today is your last day. Your death will teach the king a good lesson…ha—ha—ha—

Queen: Oh my God! It’s too pain in my heart…

Queen: Oh! I can’t bear with such a pain. Oh…Ah…Oh my God!

King: Please dear! Have a patient! Doctor is coming. Just have a patient

[In the meantime, the saint appears]

Saint: Haq Mawla!!!

King: Who are you!

Saint: I’m a messenger! I advise man to be honest! But you are completely foolish king.

King: Hey saint! How dare you say that? Do you know I am a king? I have supreme power. Get out of my sight!

Saint: You are completely foolish king. Try to change your bad habit or you will lose your queen, ministers and your kingdom. Finally you will…….

King: Stop ! Stop it! It’s enough. Now, oil your own machine. Get out.

Saint: Haq Mawla!!!  You are really a foolish king. Get ready to lose your queen first and you will be able to see your last……….

                                                                Haq Mawla !!!

[The saint disappears. Meanwhile, the doctor comes]

Doctor’s Assistant: Me lord, what happened! Let me see.. Don’t worry.

King: Hi…stupid! How dare you! Get lost! (Doctor’s assistant rushed towards the door way)

Compounder: Hey! Stop here. May we come in, me lord?

King: Yes, get inside.

Compounder: Me lord, this is the famous doctor in your province.

Doctor: Nice to meet you. I am Toufiq.

Doctor’s Assistant: Me lord, I’m an assistant of my doctor.

King: You! Get out!

Doctor: Me lord, any problem!

King: He is a stupid boy.

Doctor: Sorry me lord, He is an exceptional boy. Just forgive him please.

King: Humm.. I see. Okay, get inside the room and treat your queens properly.

Doctor: Yes, me lord. I’ll try in my best. Don’t worry.

Doctor: Compounder—

Compounder: Yes, sir.

Doctor: I’m prescribing some medicine. You will collect it soon. I think, these medicine will bring  their diseases down. Order our assistant.

Compounder: Ok, sir I’ll collect these soon. Assistant….

Doctor’s assistant: Yes, sir

Compounder: Take it and collect these medicine soon. Go

Doctor’s assistant: Sorry sir, I’m not your assistant. I’m only doctor’s assistant.

Compounder: What! Won’t you go?

Doctor’s assistant: Okay I am going but this is the last chance for you, understand?

[Meanwhile, the monster comes back again to kill someone. Noticing the monster, assistant and compounder flee away]

Doctor’s assistant: Oh my God! How terrible! Sir, let’s get out from here.

Compounder : My God! It’s so horrible! Let’s go….

Doctor: Compounder—Assistant—where are you? Let’s go…It’s odd situation…hurry up.. go..go..go…

King: Hey doctor! Hey—what about my queens! Please, don’t go away..I’ll help you…don’t go..

Doctor:  Sorry me lord! This is the red signal. We don’t need your help. Self help is the best help….Go…go…go…

Giant:  Ha—ha—ha–  foolish king. Ha—ha—Ha—

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