Short Drama: Let’s be honest [Summarizing]

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Short Drama: 

Let’s be honest

Dukhu sir tells a story to be honest in his class. At that time, the senior official of the United Nations Education Department, Mr. Bipib, Education Officer Shapla and guest Mr. Anshar started telling the story:
There was an honest king in a country and he had evil ministers. That’s why – the King also got a time off. So the country came down to the turmoil, ill-health, chaos.

One evening evening ———–
King’s walking on the royal court. Suddenly a monk came and warned him to move away from all wrongdoing to his ministers. The king was very worried about the saint, and the king did not sleep all night. So he ordered the minister to call the astrologer. The Astrolasars told the king that they saw a very bad future. With the words of the saint, the king became utterly distraught because of the talk of the author. The next day, the king called an emergency meeting. During the meeting in the court, one giant entered and once more warned all the ministers. Because all were evil.

Finally, when the king again became ill, then the darling came and asked him to take the help of honest people in the noble kingdom, leaving the royal throne. The queen dies in two illnesses. On the other hand, the evil spirit killed one minister at one and the other. Seeing the honesty of the noble woodcutter, the king urges him to take charge of his kingdom. He is well-versed in the good state and he is very impressed and he teaches young people. He went deep in the middle and asked for forgiveness from Allah for forgiveness. On the other hand, the woodcutter honestly runs the state. There is no more regret in that state. Eventually, the king returned to the kingdom, and brought him back to the woods.
Students are very enthusiastic to hear the story of Dukhu Sir that they will walk honestly.

[to be continued…..

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