Short Drama: Let’s  Be  Honest; Part-3

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Short Drama:

Let’s  Be  Honest; Part-3

[Last night, the sufferer king couldn’t have sound sleep. Early in this morning, the king calls all his ministers to have a meeting. After the meeting the king decided to call in an astrologer. Finally, the little astrologer reads the worst reading after noticing the king’s hand.]

King: Dear — Today I’m not feeling well. Last night I couldn’t sleep.

Queen -1: Me lord, please forget it.

Queen -2: Me lord, please take it easy.

State Minister: Me lord, just order me to solve your problem.

Finance Minister: Yes, me lord. We will try to solve your problem at any rate.

Health Minister: Me lord, please don’t run your kingdom at the cost of your health. I think, you need to take proper rest.

Adviser:  Me loard, May I come in?

King: Yes, you may. What’s the news of astrologer?

Adviser: Me lord! she has already come and waiting outside.

King:  Do call her.

Adviser: Yes, Me lord! It will be so.

Adviser : Miss Nidhi, please get inside…..[The king calls the little astrologer]

Astrologer : Good Morning, me lord. Just order please….It will be done ….

King : Yes. Look my hand and read my future….

Astrologer : Sure, me lord. I am reading…..

                                                                 Oh my God! How terrible!

Queen -2: What’s up!

Astrologer : Sorry, my dear highness. I can not tell it.

Queen -1: Why!

Astrologer : Dear highness, It’s too bad !

King :  Bad! What does it mean?

Astrologer : You will lose your kingdom as well as your companion any way.

[Hering such a sad news, the king becam angry and then call his adviser]

King :  What! Adviser………….

Adviser : Yes, Me lord!

King :  Take this foolish astrologer outside at once, go….

Adviser : Yes, me lord!

[Turning towards the astrologer]

Adviser : Come on foolish astrologer

Get lost at once, out, out….

Astrologer : Me lord,  Believe me…It’s true. Be careful…Be careful

… be continued]

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