Poetry: Daydream! 

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Poetry: Daydream! 


We can build our dream together.

Put your hand in my hand, 

Please don’t ever look back

Let it be darling

Believe it- we can make it 

If we’re heart to heart 

And we can build this dream together,


I see a heaven

In your eyes;

I see this world

In your eyes 

That is too good.


I want so much to give you this love 

That is in my heart

That I’m feeling for you.

My Heart- 

I’m so glad 

I found you, 

And I’m not gonna lose you 

And I will stay here with you


Just listen up and trust me- 

All that I need is you 

And believe me-

And all that I want to do

Is hold you forever and ever.

And we can build our dream together.

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