JSC Preparation-2108 Changing Sentences [Comparative to Positive]

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JSC Preparation-2108:  

Changing Sentences  [Comparative to Positive]

Their sacrifice is greater than any other thing. 

Positive: No other thing is as great as their sacrifice.

The drivers are more responsible than other person for the accidents. 

Positive: No other person is as responsible as the drivers for the accidents.

Water is more useful than any other element in nature. 

Positive: No other element in nature is as useful as water.

A selfish friend is more harmful than a selfless enemy. 

Positive: A selfless enemy is not as harmful as a selfish friend.

It is cheaper than telephone calls. 

Positive: Telephone calls are not as cheap as it.

Even they are called more cunning than crows. 

Positive: Even crows are not called as cunning as they.

It is better than any worldly wealth. 

Positive: No worldly wealth is as good as it.

The old frog then told less loudly than before.

Positive: The old frog then told not as loud as before.

Undoubtedly, they are bolder than us. 

Positive: Undoubtedly, we are not as bold as they.

A good student should be more conscious of study than politics. 

Positive: A good student should not be as conscious of politics as I study.

Sometimes, using knowledge properly is not easier than acquiring it. 

Positive: Sometimes, using knowledge properly is not so easy as acquiring it.

A healthy poor man is happier than a sick moneyed man. 

Positive: A sick moneyed man is not as happy as a healthy poor man.

Internet is not less important than computer. 

Positive: Internet is as important as computer.

Their life is not better than that a beast. 

Positive: Their life is as bad as that of a beast.

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