Interviewing (Day-3)

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Hi guys, pleased to see you. Welcome to our “Interviewing (Day-3)”. Today, here’s our new guest. Let’s talk her.

Monica: Excuse me- May I ask you a series of questions?

Nidhi: Sure, you may- 

Monica: Well, Could you please tell us your name?

Nidhi: Thanks for your asking. My name is Syeda Raisa Amin,Nidhi

Monica: By what name should I call you?

Nidhi: Well, you should call me NIDHI.

Monica: It’s fine. Miss. Nidhi-I think, you’re a student, right?

Nidhi: Yeah, that’s right.

Monica: So Miss. Nidhi-What class do you read in?

Nidhi: Well, I read in class 4.

Monica: And What’s your aim in your life?

Nidhi: It’s most important question for me. My aim is to become a designer in future. I also love to teach. I mean, my second choice is to become a teacher.

Monica: Very good choice. By the by, who is your guide?

Nidhi: Yes, I’ve guide and it’s my beloved mother.

Monica: So, what about your father.

Nidhi: Look, my father’s a nice person. He is famous for his creativity in our locality. He supports me as well as our family. He loves to lead a simple life. 

Monica: Well. I’m very happy to get you here. 

Nidhi: Me too. 

Monica: This is the last question. Could you please tell us about our program named “Interviewing”? 

Nidhi: I never think, it’s only your program. It’s for us. We can talk here freely as well as can express our feeling. So, I can surely say-this kind of program always good and I request you to continue it in future, please. 

Monica: Thanks a lot. We’ll try to run it in future and it will be possible when your kind participation will be available. Thank you-Miss. Nidhi for sharing your ideas. Bye! 

Nidhi: its fine, Bye!


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