FUN CORNER (Between Mother  & Daughter)

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Between Mother  & Daughter

Daughter    : I will eat breakfast.

Mother        : Okay! I’m giving you breakfast.

Daughter    :  Mom, I will not eat breakfast, eat sweet.

Mother        : You will eat breakfast, won’t you? Well, I’m going to give you sweet.

Daughter    : I do not eat mama

Mother        : What would you eat, if you said, would you eat sweet?

Daughter    : I will eat banana, banana.

Mother        : Mommy! Helpless! Take a little away, do the bananas.

Daughter    : I do not eat banana.

Mother        : What would you eat then?

Daughter    :I will eat “what’s not here available”.

Mother        : OMG! All the bad words! Punishment isn’t here available for you. So, I’ll punish you.

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