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Changing sentences

Change the following words as directed in the brackets and make sentences with them (any five):

Courage (a) = courageous – He will be courageous to speak about it.

Courage (v) = encourage – Monica encourages me to write poems.

Cash (v) = encash – The cheque could not be encashed.

Civilization (adj) = civilized – Today, we are so-called civilized.

Confess (n) = confession – he made a confession of his guilt.

Child (adj) = childish – give up your childish behavior. 

Choose (n) = choice – You have no choice.

Classification (v) = classify – classify the sentence.

Classify (n) = classification – we need to know the classification of verbs.

Colourful (adv) = colourfully – The stage was decorated colourfully.

Consider (n) = consideration – There was no consideration.

Co-operate (n) = co-operation – we need co-operation to develop our country.

Cage (v) = cage – who can cage a mad dog?

Disgrace (adj.) = disgraceful – Your disgraceful behavior shocked me.

Danger (adj) = dangerous – A little learning is dangerous thing.

Decision (v) = decide –I have decided to learn English.

Digit (adj) = digital – Our country is now digital Bangladesh.

Duty (adj) = dutiful – He is a dutiful boy.

Die (n) = death – none can escape death.

Difficult (n) = difficulty – I’ll help you in your difficulty.

Desirable (n) = desire – My desire has been fulfilled.

Development (v) = develop – we can develop our country.

Depend (adj) = dependable –He is a dependable person.

Disaster (adj) = disastrous – Flood is very disastrous.

Depress (n) = depression – I am suffering from mental depression.

Dear (v) = endear – Monica’s politeness endeared me.

Differentiate (n) = differentiation – It was so difficult to identify its differentiation.


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