Despondent Patients!

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Despondent Patients

In our daily life, there are a lot of problems that created by us. This time, I want to write something about my experience. Yeah, it’s all about the doctors. As in any profession, being professional for a doctor means caring for the client, in this case the patients, while earning one’s living. But as has been the case down through the ages, for many doctors the money becomes the sole object. A dentist will take out the good tooth of a patient, a surgeon will carry out an operation whole unnecessary. Many doctors will not dispense medicine or treatment properly so that the helpless patients come to them again and again. To them a healthy patient is the end of income. They do not wish to realize that human begins by very nature are careless, greedy and in other cases unmindful or easily build by others into doing or eating what is harmful to their particular constitution. They forget that ancient warning; One man’s meat is another’s poison. In other words, because of the foolishness, the stupidity, the cupidity and the heedless nature of people, there will always be plenty of patients. In contrast there are doctors, especially family doctors, whose chambers are crowded with patients from all around the neighborhood.
The doctor simply insists that the patient carry on to the last capsule or tablet or drop of medicine. And when that happens, behold the patient is fully fit. So the search for a good doctor becomes a serious quest if one has top go to another town or neighborhood. In some cases old patients come to the doctor from far away as they cannot bring themselves to experiment with someone new. Unfortunately, the patient is often no less to blame just as they are prone to do things that make them sick, they also do not take the medicine as prescribed by the doctor follow the doctor’s instructions. Then they go around blaming the doctor! 

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