Conversation-19 [Role Play]

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Conversation-19 [Role Play]


Public Prosecutor: Hello Mr. – will you please tell us your name?

Witness: Sanny.

Public Prosecutor: What do you do, Mr. Sanny.?

Witness : I’m a shopkeeper. I run a small shop opposite Mr. Rashid’s house.

Public Prosecutor: Could you tell this court what happened on the night of 27 the April at about 9 p.m.?

Witness : Yes, certainly. I was in my shop at about a quarter to nine. A man on motor-cycle rode up to Mr. Rashid’s House. He pressed the doorbell. Someone opened the door and he went inside.

Public Prosecutor: What happened after that?

Witness : I heard a gunshot form inside the house immediately after that the man came running out of the house, jumped on to his motor-cycle, started the engine and got away.

Public Prosecutor: Please look at the accused carefully. Is this the same man you saw run out of the house and get away?

Witness  : Yes, sir.

Public Prosecutor: Are you sure?

Witness : I’m positive.

Defense Lawyer: Objection your honor! The defense has proof that the accused was not at that place at the time of the occurrence.

Judge : Objection overruled.

Public Prosecutor: Thank you, your honor. I have no further questions.


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