□ Conversation-16

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□ Conversation-16

Son      : Mom- I’m feeling hungry. Please, get me a cup of tea.

Mother : My son- don’t take tea on an empty stomach.

Son      : But- I’m feeling hungry. Please, prepare the breakfast.

Mother : Please Son -just a moment.

Son      : What dishes are cooked today?

Mother : What will you like to eat?  It’s bread and egg. Do you like it?

Son      : Wow!  Get me fried egg. I’m fond of bread and egg.

Mother : Okay my son- Hurry up, dishes are being served.

Son      : Yes, Mom- I’ve just sat down to have my meals.

Mother : You ate very little. Have a little more. Would you have some more bread and egg?

Son      : Oh, yeah- please give me some more. Two breads haven’t been enough for me.

Mother : Okay, there you go. Help yourself, please.

Son      : Okay Mom, thank you.

Mother : It’s fine. Will you have tea?

Son      : Yes, Mom.

Mother : Will you have strong liquor tea or milk tea?

Son      : Mom- I prefer strong liquor tea to milk tea. Please get me strong liquor tea.

Mother : Okay, here you are.

Son      : Mom- Will you pass sugar? There is less sugar in the tea.

Mother : Okay, here you are.

Son      : Mom- May I have a little more milk?

Mother : Okay, here you are.

Son      : Thank you, Mom.

Mother : You are welcome.

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