□ Conversation-14

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□ Conversation-14

X: Hi friend! Congratulation!

Y: Congratulation! Delighted to meet you!

X: Delighted to meet you too! How are you in this special day?

Y: O yeah, absolutely feeling better, thanks. And you?

X: Perfectly better by the grace of almighty Allah.

Y: Friend- Excuse me for being late. I’m awfully sorry to have kept you waiting so long.

X: But you should keep your appointment, right?

Y: Excuse me for not keeping the appointment  Actually, It was done inadvertently. Please never mind. I’m really sorry. May I be excused?

X: Okay, but be careful in future.

Y: Sure, it will be so. Please excuse me, it was by mistake. I’m  sorry to have disturbed you. Excuse me, if there has been any mistake.

X: Hey man- why are talking like that? It doesn’t matter. Just take it easy. Relax!

Y: Thank you so much.

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