Short Drama: Let’s  Be  Honest (Part- 6)

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Let’s  Be  Honest

Part- 6

 [Because of queens’ death, all are shocked.]

Adviser : Me lord, don’t worry. Please, take it easy.

Health Minister: Me lord, it is very natural and universal. Nothing is done.

State Minister : Me lord, I can’t say anything here. Just have a patient please.

Finance Minister : Me lord, please don’t break down.

Adviser : Me lord, Please, take it easy.

King : Stop it(Loudly)!!! It’s all because of you. You all can’t get away with this. Get out of my sight. Out…out…Get out.

[King is sitting aimlessly. Meanwhile, the monster appears]

Giant :  Ha—ha—ha–  foolish king. Ha—ha—Ha—

King : You! Who are you? What do you want?

Giant :  Ha—ha—ha–  foolish king. Ha—ha—Ha—

 Once you were an honest man….but now you are a dishonest man.

 So, you will have to die.               


King : Hey monster—-you killed my beloved  queens. I will kill you…You bloody….I’ll kill you…I’ll kill you…..

Giant :  Ha—ha—ha–  foolish king. Ha—ha—Ha—

 I can easily kill you. But I won’t.

This time your ministers will die…next to you….

Ha—ha—ha–  foolish king. Ha—ha—Ha—

[to be continued….

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