Develop your Vocabulary

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Develop your Vocabulary

Would you love to develop your vocabulary?

Please do it-

First of all take an active approach to learning new words.

Then try to add 5 words a day, to your vocabulary, 

7 days a week but you can rest for one day, 

So now, it is 6 days a week.  

You will learn about 130 new words a month;

Again, 10 words a day would bring you over 260 new words a month! 

Do it this way:

Keep a small notebook handy: 

Think of a word you know in your mother tongue. 

As you read, study, listen to TV or talk with other people, note down words and expressions that you think would be helpful for you. 

Note that often, certain words are used together frequently, particularly in specific disciplines. It’s helpful to note down not just individual words but sets of words that seem to frequently appear together. 

You will sound more fluent and comprehensible if you use words in combinations as native speakers do. 

When you find the English word, write it down on the left side of your vocabulary note book. 


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