Gambling!   Shockingly, most of the undeveloped country’s people in the power seat are short-sighted (in Asia) and do not realize that by only looking out for “No. One”; they … Continue Reading →

“Need Positive Feedback”

“Need Positive Feedback” It is true that positive feedback is very necessary for creative people and without support, motivation and work ethic to get creative projects done will become weak. … Continue Reading →

Nervous Strain! 

Nervous Strain!  In our daily life, we are not absolutely free. To save our life, especially for our children, we have to be alert about their life.  You know well … Continue Reading →

Family Violence!

Family Violence! How about thinking our family? Yes, today I’d like to tell something about family and it’s violence. Family violence is present in almost every society of the world. The … Continue Reading →

Miscall flaw!

Miscall flaw! We all know that mobile phone is one of the latest editions of modern communication technology. It is very useful to important persons. This mobile phone plays a … Continue Reading →

Think About It!

Think About It! We are known about the word of Corruption. Obviously this corruption has become an enduring pattern of our public life.  Suppose, you are in a corrupted country … Continue Reading →


Piracy! According to a news item in the daily News coast guards of Bangladesh arrested some pirates from the Bay of Bengal.I think, this is certainly an admirable step and … Continue Reading →

Acid Violence! 

Acid Violence!  Today, I plan to write about ‘Acid violence’ and you know- It has been spreading nowadays in our society in an epidemic form. No language is enough to … Continue Reading →