Visiting in a holiday 

Visiting in a holiday  Holidays are important for relaxation and change. Holidays provide relief from the monotony of our daily routine. They are important for our mental and emotional well … Continue Reading →

Tidy up! 

Tidy up!  To clean your home can be spent on other, more important things. But if you think, you have time or it’s possible for you, you can do to … Continue Reading →

Leisure Interest

Leisure Interest Leisure time is meant for relaxing, participating in pleasurable activities, pursuing goals and dreams that don’t involve work. To use leisure wisely, we must discover our interests, passions, … Continue Reading →


Life-style  We are very familiar with the word “Life” and “Life-style”. I know a life of a couple. They are so happy. They strongly believe and say, “Happiness is wanting, … Continue Reading →


Nakugaon Notable among the tourist destinations of “Nakugaon” Nakugaon is playing a significant role in establishing a joint relation with the beauty of the land port and the development of … Continue Reading →