Writing Guidelines:

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Writing Guidelines:

Writing Paragraph

Genuine examinees are not expected to memorise paragraphs or essays written by others and produce them on exam scripts. This chapter attempts to show them some techniques by which they can write essays by themselves and prove their originality. Examiners should keep in mind that originality is appreciated by examiners everywhere.

Every paragraph should contain one topic sentence and  a few support sentences.

Each paragraph is based on one core idea and an essay is based on a cluster of ideas.

The structure of each paragraph should be:

Topic Sentence

Support Sentence

Closing Sentence    

1.Topic Sentence: In a paragraph the sentence which expresses the main idea of the paragraph is called the topic sentence. It contains the main idea and therefore the main pillar of the paragraph.

2.Support Sentence: The sentences which are written to support the topic sentence are called support sentence. Support sentences are the other pillars used to explain, to describe, to illustrate the main idea expressed in the topic sentences. They must have logical links with the topic sentence.

 The main purpose of a topic sentence and support sentences is to expresses ideas.

3.Closing Sentence: The closing sentence sums up the earlier discussion in different words or draws conclusion if these are arguments.

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