Working women

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Working women

These days the women of Bangladesh are becoming working women. They are no more dependent on men. Their role is changing progressively.

If you have a close look in Bangladesh, you will be able to see- women constitute half of the total population in this country. The majority of them are below the poverty line. It is said that women of our country are the poorest among the poor. It is true, over the last few years they have become increasingly visible as providers of productive labour, but they are deprived of equal labour benefits. Women generally work longer hours than men, but they are paid less than men. Undoubtedly it is a heinous conspiracy to undervalue women’s work and contribution to our society. Here the female domestic workers are treated brutally too. This under-valuation not only reduces women’s purchasing power but it also deprives them of legal rights. Thousands of girls here fall victim to dowry system. Their sufferings know no bounds. Besides incidents of bride burning, suicide take place quite often. It is high time we recognised women as equal partners of men. They should be made self-sufficient by giving them proper education and employment. In the modern world, the women have proved that they can advance with the males shoulder to shoulder. Their role does not come to an end as a mother or a wife. They have many things to do. A number of avenues are open before them. So, women are one of the powerful assets of Bangladesh.

Whatever may be the circumstances, the women should be encouraged so that they can take part in total development of the family as well as the country.

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