Words for spoken language (Day-1) 

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 Words for spoken language 



From door to door

In the street

Day by day

Full to the brim

In conversing

Hand to hand/Out of hand/Readily

From one country to another

Step by step/At every step/By degrees


Again and again


At times

In every hour

Month after month

From time to time/Now and again

In fear/with hesitation

From eye to eye

 At the bottom

Side by side

Face to face

In the mind/Mentally

In a whisper/whisperingly

Bit by bit/little by little

To pieces

Step by step/by walking slowly

Two at a time/by twos

In one’s sleeping

While eating

While reading

While putting on

At the risk of falling down

On one’s way

Looking at

At the point of death/at death door

After a long walk

From constant weeping

From time to time


In every home/In every family/From house to house

From year to year/Year by year/Year after year

 From age to age

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