Voice Change: Active to Passive

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■ Active to Passive ■ 

1. They help us in many ways (Passive).

=We are helped in many ways by them.

1. It could not find any source of water (Passive).

=No source of water could be found by it.

2. People called him wise Solomon. (Passive)

= He was called wise Solomon. 

4. The farmers use water in time of cultivation largely. (Passive)

= Water is used largely in time of cultivation by the farmers. 

5. One day the old sailor was watching the water snakes swimming round the ship. (Passive)

= One day the water snakes swimming round the ship were being watched by the old sailor.

6. They find a better shelter in Bangladesh (Passive)

= A better shelter is found in Bangladesh by them.

7. People of all ages enjoy this game (Passive).

=This game is enjoyed by people of all ages.

1. It stores honey in the hive (Passive). 

=Honey is stored by it in the hive.

9. Anika wrote a letter to her mother yesterday (Passive)

=A letter was written by Anica to her mother yesterday.

2. So, we should control it for our own sake (Passive).

=So, it should be controlled by us for our own sake.

3. I gladly accepted the invitation (Passive).

=The invitation was gladly accepted by me.

4. Do you know it? (Passive) 

=Isn’t it known to you? 

5. The old sailor shot the Albatross (Passive).

=The Albatross was shot by the old sailor.

14. He also did some unnecessary things for her (Passive)

= Some unnecessary things were also done for her by him.

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