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English suggestion for 2nd year student of NU


  1. Patriotism means the love….. of the Country.
  2. What is education? It is……we remain foolish.
  3. Education is considered…….of globalization.
  4. There is a good number of……….of failure.
  5. An intellectual is one…….it to others.
  6. Money can not buy happiness…… happiness.
  7. Man can not live alone……..evil company.
  8. The aim of education is to make a man……to the society.
  9. Today Women are playing important…….with women.
  10. Teaching English………..Creatively.
  11. Listening, speaking…………in English.


  1. Now write a notice about the summer vacation/Eid festive.
  2. Now write a notice about the hold
  3. Now write a notice about the celebrate a seminar on the victory day.

 Poster :

  1. Make a poster to create awareness against reckless motor driving/price hike/drug addiction.
  2. Make a poster to create awareness against air pollution/water pollution/environment pollution.
  3. Make a poster to create awareness against anthrax/swine flu/dengue


  1. Mother language day/victory day
  2. World’s women day
  3. Deforestation
  4. Air/water pollution


  1. Climate change
  2. Mother language day
  3. Road accident
  4. Winter morning
  5. Global warming
  6. Price hike


  1. Empowerment women of Bangladesh
  2. Population problem of Bangladesh
  3. Patriotism
  4. Female education
  5. Computer
  6. Tree plantation

Most Important Composition

  1. The season/game you like most
  2. Unemployment problem
  3. Population problem
  4. Wonders of Modern Science
  5. Importance of Reading Newspaper
  6. Computer
  7. Floods in Bangladesh
  8. Your Childhood Memories
  9. Value of time

10.Importance of Physical Exercise

11.Tree plantation


 CV with Cover Letter 

For lecturer in English

Marketing manager

Sales officer/executive

A librarian

A medical representative

Formal Letter/Application

Setting up common room

Setting up debating/language/Computer club

Seat in the hostel


Sinking a deep tube well

Opening a school library

Full free studentship

Poor fund

To help the flood affected people

Opening a relief camp

Relief goods and medical aids

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