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Leisure Interest


Notable among the tourist destinations of “Nakugaon” Nakugaon is playing a significant role in establishing a joint relation with the beauty of the land port and the development of Bangladesh. The port of land along with stones and coal trade with India attracts tourists’ attention. The duty department here has a significant role in crossing the common people.

Leisure Interest

Panihata Lake

Another prominent place among the tourist attractions of Sherpur is ‘Water Walk Lake’. From here, there is a cross between people. Visitors are fascinated by this lake of beautiful beauty. The local and foreign people rushed to the Panhata Lake after being attracted to the beauty of the beauty.

Leisure Interest

Baramari Mission

The Baramari mission is one of the interesting tourist destinations. Every year, people of less tourism get less crowded here. This holy place of the Christians, like the beauty of beautiful beauty, invites the tourists.

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