Tips for YOU-1

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Tips for YOU-1

At the interviewer’s door!
Before going at the interviewer’s door, you’ll have to take some important steps and I think, it will be helpful for you:
(i) Revisit your CV or Resume from the point of view of the interviewer.

(ii) Make you more confident in your attitude and your answers creatively.

(iii) Write down some of your most insightful, witty thoughts regarding the state of your profession.

(iv) Be prepared to describe past positions, responsibilities and accomplishments.

Remember that- “The more you practice, the more confident you’ll be.”

(v) Develop your list of questions.

(vi) Ready your ‘Dress Code for VIVA’.Treat yourself to a visit to the local hair stylist.

(vii) After that practice positive visualization. Gather your materials and place them in a briefcase or attaché.

(viii) And finally sleep tight.

However, you can increase the chances of success by presenting a professional, prepared, and confident you to the interviewer. That’s how you turn an interview into a job offer.



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