The story of Konica changed

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The story of Konica 

Shrimati Konika Rani, who was born in 1989 in village Anjpara of Pankata-Palpara in Dhanbari upazila. Dad is a wood mechanic. Fourth brother-in-one, sister-in-law. Because the condition of the Earth is very bad, the study is not too much of her. So, to get married at an early age, he has to sit down. Husband Sudhangshu, a non-governmental organization, is a social worker. In the village of Jowar in Kalihati upazila of Tangail district, it could not be possible due to the fact that Konyak Husband has come in his own area. He has already been the mother of two children.

Financial status has become more and more pronounced day by day. In the meantime, the news came from Tangail’s Dhanbari upazila named Safe and Save Training Institute. Those who are working on various subjects free of charge. It is open, the wheel of his fate opens. He communicated with that organization. Being a woman, she started a different trade. The B-Skills Project is a mobile technician enrolled in trade.

The purpose of the B-Skills project is to provide 40,000 youth, especially capable persons, minor ethnic community members and religious minorities to develop developmental training and create sustainable employment opportunities through disadvantaged groups through training service providers. The living standards of the workers of the country’s unemployed and inadvertent workers are one Skillfully stable place to reach the B-Bogra, Dinajpur, Joypurhat, Tangail, Gazipur, Jessore district through local training provider organization plays an important role in the implementation of free and needs skill development training programs. Swiss agency for development and co-operation and EU-funded B-skill project is being implemented through SwissContact-Bangladesh.

After the three-month-long mobile phone technician course, Srimati Konica did not find her job, she started work on mobile servicing at her rented house for some time. Later, in Habibpur-Ambagan, Dhanbari, he started the journey of a business company named Niloy Telecom and Ani Triprich House in the name of his children. At the beginning of the journey, he spent only 40 thousand rupees but now it has increased to half a billion rupees. He has already accepted “successful entrepreneurship development training” from the “China’s Winmen Chamber of Commerce and Industry” in two days.

Mrs. Konica said she is the only female mobile phone technician in this upazila. As a result, more women are more likely to buy their customers. Women customers feel comfortable to come here. In addition to this security, one hundred percent of the privacy is also protected. He preached the leaflets in various educational institutions in the area to promote his business. Along with her husband Sudhangshu Sutradhar’s income, she took the business with a firm hand to change the financial condition of her family. Children admitted in school Now its monthly income is at least 12 to 15 thousand.

Mrs. Konica said, “I do not do anything. Why there is discrimination between men and women? When I did not have soil under my feet, I realized what life is like !! Today, I am trying to make my feet. So, I take care of the crooked eyes of society. I believe that I have a right to live as a citizen in the society, so I have to do something to change the society. He sought cooperation from all. Hopefully the other ten people survive in a normal life like normal people. His application to the disadvantaged population is to eliminate the unemployment by implementing this free course in all districts and implement Bangladesh as a middle-income country.

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