The Conditional

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The Conditional

The conditional corresponds to the future in its conjugation:

Monica would stay.
You should go. 
I should think.

Its chief use in the answer to conditious.
For example-
If I knew what to do, I should do it.
If you loved me, you would obey my wishes.
She would go, if she felt inclined.

The future will take this form when the sequence of tenses demands the use of the past.

For Example-

I know that you will do it as early as you can.

I knew that you would do it as early as you could.

But should and would sometimes have independent meanings like shall and will. Should may mean ought to or it's my duty to.

For example-

We should do our best to make others happy.

Keep in your mind that, the force of should is not past but future. A past obligation is expressed  by should have or  ought to have  with the past particle.

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