Teaching college students! 

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Teaching college students 

The college students of our country are being rundown from an accurate education as well as lack of good teachers and skilled subject teachers. All those who are meritorious are found to list a string of mentors who give them guidance as required, even if not outright lessons. It is to be remembered that even trained and gifted teachers can only show the path to be taken; the students have to move on their own accord. Yet we often have to hear such complaints as the claim that a number of college teachers who are newly appointed (especially in urban area) or do not come from selection board are creating and provoking problems. They have much more tendency to earn a lot of money. But such accusations are no different than that made about the quality of the students enrolling. Namely, some of them are accused of being careless, openly gossiping, using slang and spending their time playing computer games and chatting on Net. There is also the accusation that they do not have a strong personality. 
Finally, the warning is sounded that if the present condition continues, the rest of the students and teachers must be affected and the academic atmosphere will eventually be broken.

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