Teaching Aid:  Need Actual Teacher!

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Teaching Aid
Need Actual Teacher!

It’s a disgraceful matter that teachers are running to move away from traditional methods of teaching, nowadays. 
You know- at present the teacher crisis in our country like Bangladesh. Without knowing properly, a large number of people are heading towards this profession, (especially, unskilled young teachers). A teacher should be honest, dutiful, and punctual and he or she must have strong personality. 
S/he can’t sit or gossip anywhere aimlessly. S/he can’t involve in any politics. Instead, they can utilize their valuable time by studying or researching at home or library or suitable place. S/he will be a great or Nobel person who will make a nation without supporting any party. Moreover, they should think of using more creative and abstract ways of presenting topics to their classes. We still know, teachers are the most important person in our society as well as our nation. They are not only responsible for planning and evaluating student performance but also for promoting growth through providing additional assistance and meeting with parents and school staff to discuss student development and ways to improve current teaching methods to better suit students. 
Finally, we are hoping that our honorable teachers will be actual teacher soon. Warming up Activities. At the beginning of the class, the learners’ brains aren’t prepared yet for the content. That’s why to warm the learners up is a must for a teacher to teach. Teacher who is the most respectable person whose job is teaching, especially in a school. It is a universally accepted fact that a good teacher is an essential prerequisite for any system of education in any country of the world. Practice, Wisdom, Mutual understanding the vital things that a good teacher needs. A teacher can catch very well with his/her learners from all surroundings if he or she wishes. In his/her teaching s/he must be aware that his learners have special learning rates and styles. S/he can make use of various strategies of learning. S/he has to use perfect lecture. Technology, role-playing, cooperative learning, hands-on activities and others so that his/her instruction becomes more assertive and interesting. An ideal teacher must love teaching and will obey the rules of his/her institution. As teaching is his/her soul, s/he will love it and will encourage his/her students to ask questions and develop the spirit of inquiry so that the learners blossom into creative free-thinking civilian. 

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