Poetry: Holy love!

Poetry: Holy love! Be real                            In company with someone                      The best is yet to be     As soon as the moment has come And be as one!                                         Look at your … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Before you

Poetry: Before you  I’m here- just before you Nothing to lose Nothing else to find  nothing in the world  that could change my mind  I’m here- just before you Starving … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Doing  up!

Poetry: Doing  up!   I love someone …and I lose something Tears come streaming down my face But I can’t replace. I believed once a ‘Word’ I tried my best  but in … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Jumping Heart!

Poetry: Jumping Heart! Monica—  Every heartbeat bears your name  loud and clear  And it’s true Ask anyone…  Here’s my heart  Listen to me  You can speak  Yeah! What’s on my … Continue Reading →