Conversation-19 [Role Play]

Conversation-19 [Role Play]   Public Prosecutor: Hello Mr. – will you please tell us your name? Witness: Sanny. Public Prosecutor: What do you do, Mr. Sanny.? Witness : I’m a shopkeeper. … Continue Reading →

□ Conversation-18

□ Conversation-18 Y     : Hey Man- I shall file a criminal case against you. X     : Excuse me- your act is illegal. Y     : Hey man- I know it. Don’t … Continue Reading →

□ Conversation-16

□ Conversation-16 Son      : Mom- I’m feeling hungry. Please, get me a cup of tea. Mother : My son- don’t take tea on an empty stomach. Son      : But- I’m … Continue Reading →


□ Conversation-13 X: Hi friend! What harm have I done to you? Y: What’s up? Why are you losing temper? X: Don’t stretch the matter. It’s all you’re doing. You’re … Continue Reading →

□ Conversation-12

□ Conversation-12   X: Hi friend! Congratulation! Y: Congratulation! X: Pleased to see you. Y: Pleased to see you too. How’s it going, now a days? X: Oh- yeah! It’s … Continue Reading →