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  Tag Questions  


He seldom comes here, does he? 

He does not take sugar in tea, does he? 

Monica knows you better, doesn’t she? 

It dazzles our eyes, doesn’t it? 

Morning entertains everybody with fresh air, doesn’t it? 

A nuclear family has some advantages and disadvantages, doesn’t it? 

Fire burns, doesn’t it ? 

Morning entertains us with fresh air, doesn’t it? 

He reads newspapers everyday, doesn’t he? 

Their performance shows it, doesn’t it? 

Fortune favors the brave, doesn’t it? 

One lie begets hundred lies, doesn’t one? 

Did/ Didn’t 

None of them knew the answer, did they? 

Nobody phoned me that day, did they? 

None of you went there, did you? 

Thousands of people admired Rumi in his life time, didn’t they? 

Deeba as well as her friends enjoyed the short film, didn’t she? 

Our college won the match, didn’t they? 

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