Social problem: Waste Management!

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Social problem

Public Awareness about Waste Management!

There is no controversy over the fact that Waste Management is now very common word to all. Before discussing it the thing which has to be mentioned at first is that we all must have consciousness about it. We often take pride in our town. But at present uncollected garbage or waste is a great problem in our locality. The nuisance of the waste is serious. If one goes out for a morning walk, one can easily realize this public nuisance. Different kinds of waste such as vegetable waste, pieces of torn papers, piece of cloths, cigarettes ends, banana skins and other waste are here and there is our houses. There are dustbins but the people of the locality hardly use them. Moreover, garbage is not clear before sun-rise. So there is foul smell in the morning. Again, waste is carried and damped in the road side of out side of our locality. It is highly unhygienic. These places full of dirt and waste breed germs and insects. This dirty surroundings affect our health. So people should realize the harmful effects of the uncollected wastes. They should keep our surroundings clean. Otherwise, our environment will be polluted and this will be a threat to our existence and we are sure to suffer in the long run.

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