Social problem: Addicted Youths 

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Social problem

Addicted Youths 

The young generation is the future of our world, we all need to take the necessary steps to retrieve them from the black lusterless world. At present, drug addiction is the great problem in some countries. It leads a human to agonizing death. It has grasped the young generation of our country (Bangladesh) as well as the world too. As the drug is so expensive, some younger boys or girls of the poor countries cannot afford to buy it. For this, they have to commit crime to collect money and by this way they became reckless and cruel terrors. Now days, a large number of young in our society are finding themselves lost in the labyrinth of drug addiction, which is why they need to be hauled out of such dire danger. The young should know well that drug addiction is a curse. It was become very acute here. So, we should create awareness at personal and family levels against the dangerous impact of drug addiction among the young. The remedy for drug addiction is very easy. Some find it hard as it entails giving the cold shoulder to the misfits of society. These are those folks, who with sugar coated lies and empty promises seek to lure all youths to the evils of drugs, from which source these people, having sold their soul to the Mephistopheles’ of lucre, drive heavy income.
I think the law against drug possession and sale need to be enforced immediately with utmost severity and strictness. When each and every person is sincere to drive this curse of drug addiction from the society that make up the world of us human beings, then and only then can we get rid of this horrifying menace, which has ruined the happiness of many a family.

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