Short Drama: Let’s  Be  Honest (Part #7)

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Short Drama:

Let’s  Be  Honest

Part # 7

[All ministers are playing card. Meanwhile the monster appears to kill them]

Adviser:How disgraceful matter!

Health Minister:We should be ashamed of ourselves!

State Minister:Hey guys, don’t talk nonsense, just relax.

Finance Minister:I don’t want to see our king’s face again.

Adviser:Our king is a cunning fellow.

[The monster appears & kills them]

Giant:Ha—ha—ha–  foolish Ministers. Ha—ha—Ha—

All Ministers together: You! Who are you? What do you want?

Giant:Ha—ha—ha–  foolish men. Ha—ha—Ha—

                                                                I need your blood….I’ll kill all of  you…I’ll kill you…..

Ha—ha—Ha—  Ha—ha—ha–     Ha—ha—Ha—

[The monster kills them]

Hi  Foolish Adviser of this kingdom….I’ll kill you next …Get ready to die… Ha—ha—Ha—Ha—ha—

[To be continued……

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