Short Drama: Let’s  Be  Honest (Part # 4)

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Short Drama:

Let’s  Be  Honest

Part # 4

[All are worried about a sudden letter which was sent by monster and it was about the ‘Death News’ of the queens and ministers]

Finance Minister: Me lord, look over there, a red colour envelop.

Health Minister: Me lord, allow me to have that envelop, please.

King: Yeah, take that and go through it.

Health Minister: Me lord, here what is written that—

Hey dishonest king of this kingdom- tonight both of your queen will be sick next they will die as your punishment…….and after that all of the minister of you kingdom will die. So stop your dishonesty or finally you will die.

Queen: Me lord, I’m scared! I’m not feeling well. What can I do now?

Queen: Will we be sick, me lord? What will we do? Please save us.

King: Ha—ha—ha !!! Stop it.

Ha—ha—ha–!!! You are fool!

State Minister: Me lord, I think, some is making a fun. Let me see it.

Adviser: No dear, it’s not a simple matter. We should be careful right now.

King: Oh shit! Damn it. Just relax! Let it be as it may. Ha-ha-ha-ha……

[to be continued……

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