Short Drama: Let’s Be Honest! [Part-2]

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Short Drama:

Let’s Be Honest!



King: [Leisurely walking and thinking about his kingdom.]

Saint: Haq Mawla!!! Hey man—hey king of this Kingdom—Be careful! Get a real man right now! Give up your dishonesty! Lead honestly your province! Or you will have to loss your companies—your kingdom—your life—-

Be careful right now!!!

Haq Mawla!!!

King: But who are you! Where you from? Hey….!  Hey…!! Hey man!

Queen-1:  Dear— what happen?

Queen-2:  Dear— what’s up? Any problem?

King: Yeah…but who was that  man! Where had he from?

Queen-1:  Man!

Queen-2: Where? Nobody here!

King:   But…I saw someone

Queen-2:  Don’t worry. Take it easy.

Queen-1:  Let’s have a good time.

King: Yeah. We should get inside. Let’s go.

[…… to be continued.

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