Short Drama: Let’s  Be  Honest [Part # 1]

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Let’s  Be  Honest

Part # 1

All students (Standing)  : Good Morning Teacher.

Dukhu Teacher              : Good morning Students. Sit down. Happy to see you!

All students                    : Happy to see you too. How are teacher?

Dukhu Teacher             : Fine, thanks. By the by, here’s our honorable guests from United Nation  to observe you. Please, meet them.                                                   Here’s Mr. Biplob, the Education Officer of UN. Next Mrs. Shapla and Mr. Answer Ali.

All students (Standing)  : Pleased to see you

Mr. Biplob, Mr. Dolon Sir, Mrs. Shapla & Answer Ali: Please to see you too. [to dukhu sir]

Dukhu Sir                       : Please have your seat ( Pointing at Mr. Biplop, Shapla & Answer Ali).

                                        Now, I request the Education Officer of United Nation Mrs. Shapla.

Shapla                           : Thank you. I congratulate you to have your attention. Female education is very essential to develop a nation.                                                   Here,  I request you to continue your study. Thank you so much. Bye-bye.

Dukhu Sir                       : Thank you madam for your valuable speech. Now, here’s the honourable sir Mr. Answer Ali, please….

Answer Ali                     : Thank you. I’m very pleased to see you. Actually, Education is the backbone of a nation. So you will try to receive                                            education properly and that’s all.

Dukhu Sir                      : Thank you sir. Now I highly request our honourable UN Education Officer Mr. Dolon Sir. I request him to deliver his                                           speech, Please—

Dolon Sir                       : Hello dear students, Good Morning. Happy to see you. I feel like telling you about education today. You know-                                                education is the backbone of a nation. So, you must have your education properly. Anyway, You must learn about                                           honesty because “Honesty is the best policy.” Without it your education will be valueless. So, you must have                                                    honesty in your life. Thank you very much for joining us. And that’s all. Bye-bye.

Dukhu Sir                       : Now I highly request our Chief Guest and High Official in the Education Department who has come to visit our                                                   Education System and its evaluation to deliver his valuable speech, please come on.

Biplop                              : Thank you sir. Hello dear students- Pleased to see you. I welcome all of you. I was requested to visit your                                                       country  on behalf of Bangladesh Education Board. Already, I have visited several schools and college. I found                                                one major problem in education sector that there is no honesty. If we fail to work honestly, there won’t have any                                              progress. So, to be successful in life, remember that there need 3 important points. They are- Determination,                                                  Hardworking and Integrity. Yes,  these 3 points can build up a successful life easily. So, you must follow these 3                                               points at any rate.

                                         Today it is essential for us to be honest. Without honesty, none can achieve his goal. We should know that                                                         honesty  is the best policy.

                                          I know a story about Honesty. Your Dukhu sir told me it. Now I’ll request our beloved Dukhu sir to tell that story                                                 as  well as I request all the students to be honest right now and that’s all. Bye-bye.

Dukhu Sir                           : Thank you sir, for your most important speech. This morning I shall tell you a story about HONESTY.

                                           Dear students- Here, I can tell you a story about “Let’s  Be Honest”. I think, this story will help you to build up                                                   your career.

Students                             : Please teacher, tell us the story.

Dukhu Sir                            :Ok, then listen up. Once upon a time, there was a dishonest king and his some dishonest high officials in a                                                     Kingdom. There were no happiness, no peace………………

[………… be continued.

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