Short Drama: Good Citizen (Part- 6)

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Good Citizen (Part- 6)

[In the Market]

[The salesman is selling vegetables in the market. Nahian & Tasin are buying vegetables. Meanwhile, Mr. Sady, Mr. Chan Mia and Miss. Niha come to the market and get down from the car. Mr. Sady lost his money bag and Mr. Nahian gets it and returns to the MD. During their shopping, the Food Inspectors come to the spot]

TASIN       : Hi friend! Good Afternoon!

NAHIYAN : Hi-Good Afternoon! Pleased ta see ya!

TASIN       : Pleased ta see ya too. What are you doing here? 

NAHIYAN  : Wanna buy vegetables. Un ya?

TASIN       : Me too. Okay, let’s go.

 [In front of the shop]

NAHIYAN                     : Excuse me- do ya have potato?

SHAUN-1 (Salesman) : Yeah, we have.

NAHIYAN                      : Then gimme 2 kg.

SHAUN-1 (Salesman)  : Oh sure,

RAKIB-2 (Salesman)    : Anything else? 

NAHIYAN                       : No, just potato will do.

TASIN                              : Excuse me; I need also potato but half kg.How much?

SHAUN-1 (Salesman)   : 2o taka. 

TASIN                               : Okay. Gimme half kg.  

SHAUN-1 (Salesman)    : Just a moment Excuse me, (to Nahiyan) here you are.

NAHIYAN                         : Thank ya. Please, here’s your money.

SHAUN-1 (Salesman)     : Thank ya. [After counting], excuse me- excess money. Here you are.

NAHIYAN                         : You are really honest.

Salesmen                           : We want to be good citizen.

TASIN                                : Please, here’s your money.

[In the Market]

[When Tasin & Nahiyan were leaving the shop, they saw the car and MD sir’s money bag was fell down on the ground. Nahiyan noticed it and returned to MD.]

NAHIYAN   : Look, Tasin- there’s a money bag on the way.

TASIN         : Yeah, I noticed it un it’s that man’s money bag.

NAHIYAN    : Let’s do a better job.

TASIN          : Yeah, as a good citizen, we should return it.


    [They took it and returned to MD sir]

NAHIYAN    : Excuse me, sir- I think, it’s yours. It was on the way.

GM Sir         : Great! You are a good citizen.

NAHIYAN     : Thank ya sir.


[In front of the shop]

SHAUN-1 (Salesman): Sir- how can I help ya? [

GM Sir                        : I need some vegetables. (to Niha) secretary?

NIHA (Secretary)         : Yes sir

GM Sir                         : Right your choose for the vegetables.

NIHA (Secretary)         : Sure sir.

GM Sir                         : (to Chan Mia) Manager?

CHAN MIA (Manager) : Yes sir? 

GM Sir                         : Look those vegetables. Are they fresh?

CHAN MIA (Manager) : Yes sir. Should we take, sir?

GM Sir                         : Okay.


[Meanwhile, the food Inspectors come in front of the shop]

NOMAN (Food Inspector) : Are ya salesman?

SHAUN-1 (Salesman)      : Yes sir?

Noman (Food Inspector)  : You should go ta police station.

SHAUN-1 (Salesman)      : Police Station! But why?

NOMAN (Food Inspector) : I’m food inspector. I have some clues  against you.You are just making money by cheating people?

SHAUN-1 (Salesman)       : Impossible. It’s not right

GM Sir                               : Hello- police station?

GM Sir                               : Secretary? Manager? Let’s move.

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