Short Drama: Good Citizen (Part- 5)

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Good Citizen

Part- 5

Summary: A teacher can teach in the classroom how to be a good citizen. So this time, the teacher is paying total attention on becoming a good citizen. 

[Students are in the classroom and the teacher enters into the class room]

 ALL STUDENTS                               : Good Morning, Ma’am!

Bizly (Class Teacher)                         : Good Morning, Students! Nice ta meet ya! 

ALL STUDENTS                                : Nice ta meet ya too! 

Bizly (Class Teacher)                         : Please have your seat. 

ALL STUDENTS                                : Thank you ma’am.

Bizly (Class Teacher)                         : Students-how are you this morning? 

Students                                             : We are fine, thanks. 

Bizly (Class Teacher)                         : Well, today I’ll teach you how to become a Good Citizen. 

Students                                             : Sounds good. 

Munni (Student)                                 : Excuse me, mam- what is “Good Citizen”?

Bizly (Class Teacher)                         : Well, A good citizen is some who respects others and their                                                                   property. He/she helps people who are not in a position to                                                                   help themselves. 

 (Student)                                          : Thank you ma’am. 

Tamim(Student)                                : We are now clear about good citizen. 

Sumona (Student)                            : Excuse me, should I know your name? 

Bizly (Class Teacher)                       : Sit down, thanks. My name is Jannatul Ferdous Bizly. My nick                                                            name is Bizly. You should call me ‘Bizly Maam’

SHARMIN (Student)                         : Mam, can I have your cell number, please?

Bizly (Class Teacher)                       : Oh Sure. Note this down- 01816690746

Sharmin                                           : Thank you ma’am. 

Student                                            : Excuse me, may I have your address please? 

Bizly (Class Teacher)                      : Sit down, It’s at Kharampur in Sherpur district. 

Student                                           : Thank you. 

Student(Sadi)                                 : Excuse me- if we face any problem, should I call you? 

Bizly (Class Teacher)                     : Why not! You should. 

Sakib student                                 : Ma’am- you are really great! 

Bizly (Class Teacher)                     : Ok, thanks. Please sit down. So dear students from  today, let’s                                                           be good citizen. 

ALL STUDENTS                             : Sure mam. We must be good citizen. 

Bizly (Class Teacher)                      : No more today. See you again, bye!

ALL STUDENTS                             : Ok, good bye Maam!. 

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