Short Drama: “DON’T BE SILLY!”

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Short Drama:


                                                    Scene- 1

[Mother and Son are talking. Meanwhile tutor comes]

 Son            : Mama- Teacher is late today. Should I operate computer, please—

Mother      : No way, here’s enough time to come your teacher. Keep reading your lessons.

Teacher     : May I come in?

Mother      : Oh,  teacher! Good Evening! Please get inside and have your seat.

Teacher     : I’m sorry for being late. Actually, I got a problem!

Mother      : It’s ok. Please take it easy.

Son            : Assalmu Alaikum, teacher! Nice to meet you!

Teacher     : Oalaikum assalam! Nice to meet you too. Ok, let’s study now!

Son            : Ok, Teacher, I need some notes on Spoken English Language.

Teacher      : Ok, I’ll give you but you’ll have to give me your pen-drive.

(Mother comes with tea)

Mother      : What are you talking about?

Son             : Mama-I need pen drive to collect notes on Spoken English Language.

Mother      : Ok, I’ll buy you tomorrow.

Son             : Thank you Mama, you are so nice!


Scene- 2

 [Mother is reading newspaper. Meanwhile next-door neighbor comes to take windows software]

Neighbor   : Hello- anybody in the room?

Mother      : Who’s that?

Neighbor   : It’s me! Your neighbor-

Mother      : Wait please!

Neighbor   : Good Evening, Sister!

Mother      : Good Evening!

Neighbor   : Sister- Will you do me a favor?

Mother      : Please, get inside. Please, have your seat.

Neighbor   : Thank you, sister.

Mother      : It’s fine. Now tell me-what’s your problem?

Neighbor      : Actually, my PC isn’t working well. I think, I need to set up the Windows newly. Could you please give me your software?

Mother      : Sorry dear. I’m wondering that too. Please never mind.

Neighbor   : Nothing to mind, it’s ok.

Mother      : Would you like to have a cup of tea?

Neighbor   : No thanks, I’ll have to buy it soon. Okay, sister. See you later. Bye!

Mother      : Okay, please come again, bye!




[Hawker is selling his goods. This time Mother is calling him to buy a pen drive.]

 Hawker: Would you like to buy dear… 

                 Would you like to buy please!

There are various types of Remote-Controller, Robi SIM, Grameen SIM, Bangla Link SIM, Internet-Modem, Memory Cards, PEN Drive and Software…

                Would you like to buy please!


Mother: Hey man, listen, come on!

Hawker: Yes, I say, what are you?

Mother: Do you have Pen-drive?

Hawker:  Yes, I do.

Mother:  Then give me a Pen-drive.

Hawker: Madam-here you are!

Mother: How much?

Hawker: It’s only Tk. 1200.

Mother: Any consideration, please?

Hawker: Ok, then pay me Tk. 1000.

Mother:  Okay, here you are. Excuse me- Is it durable?

Hawker: Stay 100% Confident.

Mother: That sounds good.

[Meanwhile next-door neighbor comes to buy a windows software]

 Neighbor: Excuse me– Do you have Windows software?

Hawker: Yes, sister. I do. How many- sister?

Neighbor: Only 1. How much?

Hawker: Sister-value does not matter. The real satisfaction is the real truth. First choose it, then the price is worth it.

Neighbor: It’s my choice. How much?

Hawker: Only Tk.3000  and it’s only for you.

Neighbor: One for me! You are so nice!

Hawker: Thanks a lot!

 Sister-if you have any problem, just make me a phone call.

Neighbor: It’s tricky

[Hawker goes away by selling his goods. After that both of women found the goods fake.]

Hawker: Would you like to buy dear…  Would you like to buy please! There are various types of Remote-Controller, Robi SIM, Grameen SIM, Bangla Link SIM, Internet-Modem, Memory Cards, PEN Drive and Software…     Would you like to buy please!

Mother: Oh my GOD! It’s a fake drive!

Neighbor: The same! It’s a fake Windows-10 software!

[Noticing this, another woman comes]

Women: Excuse me- Are you educated? Why did you buy things from hawker? You should have bought from the showroom. Understand?

Mother:  + Neighbor:  What we did wrong!

The End

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