Poverty is the root cause of corruption

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Poverty is the root cause of corruption

February 01, 2018

When the people of the world are perplexed to deal with poverty, hunger, sickness, malnutrition, etc., in such an unfortunate life, another horrible experience of daily life has made its existence risky – whose name is “corruption”. And the main reason that the main reason for this corruption is poverty is poverty.
In the competitive world of 21st century, the independence of a country is not limited to its geographical sovereignty, but it is related to the country’s socio-social status. And if there is corruption in corruption, then all development possibilities of the country will fail. And therefore, at all costs, the root of corruption of all levels is absolutely necessary.
The word corruption means the destruction or loss. A little easier to say – the activities that are generally not acceptable to conscience are called corruption. And the main reason for this corruption is only poverty. And because of this poorness, when people fail to meet their basic needs, then their nature character is lost due to their proper reason. Since then, his lack of interest encourages this corruption.

We are living in this society, this society is our own society. The society has created people since the rise of creation. Through the interdependence of society people make life beautiful and happy. Just like a poor man or poor, he wants to make his life beautiful and happy. And when he fails to do so, due to poverty, his life does not seem normal to him. He then ran away from his desire to meet his basic needs. Inside a little bit inside the anger of anger – then once the demonstration. And if it fails then it is forced to take refuge in corruption which is not acceptable to the conscience.
Can the current people who are unable to study, read science? Can you see the dream of being a doctor, engineer? For poor or poor poor, neither science nor higher education.

A man becomes self-sufficient with the justification of society. And what if the society does not allow a poor person or deprives him or gets any sympathy? The question is to you?
The main reason for today’s corruption is nothing else. The main reason behind this is the poverty. Today, children of a poor house for this poverty, who have no official official mama or dulabai; Those who do not have any red telephones, who have no party leaders – MP-ministers, secretaries or any relatives or have no people to recommend today, they have no government jobs, no secretary or ministry job. For these jobs, as well as the millions of rupees to pay bribe – this was the poor Kalpana imagination. And so they are forced to take refuge in alternative ways to choose alternative routes. In the absence of words the nature is lost in words. Poverty is the refuge of all kinds of corruption. If this nation can not liberate the nation from poverty, corruption can not be eradicated from society and the state.


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