Poetry: Recollection

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How can I forget you? 

You would love the lights at nights 

On the neon Broadway signs 

you didn’t really mind, 

It’s only love 

You hoped to find 

I can’t forget you– 

Where do you live? 

I’m afraid. 

But I found nowhere 

You were living in another world! 

I can see you– 

All your life 

No one heard a single word 

And that you said. 

I can feel your touch, 

Are you living on the open space? 

Tell me now- 

What was going around your head? 

I recollect you 

You used to sit home alone 

There’s an only picture 

Hung in the shadows left there to look at you 

But you couldn’t say. 

I think, you’ve gone so far way. 

How can I forget you? 

It’s impossible to lead a life 

Without you- 

Life must be meaningless! 

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