Poetry: Going crazy!

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Going crazy!

It’s me- baby 

Can’t you see it?

You’ve got me going crazy!

Furthermore I will be dreaming;

I am just waiting.


Do believe me; 

You’ve got me going loving! 

Additionally I will be designing;

And also approaching. 

Touch me- baby 

Can’t you see a heart?

You’ve got me going crazy! 

And I will be right here

only for you. 


I can hear your amusement; 

You’ve got me going admiring!

Moreover I will be caring you; 

But can’t get near you! . 

Trust me- baby 

Can’t you make out it? 

You’ve got me going compulsive! 

And I will struggle only for you. 

Whatever it takes

Or how my heart breaks 

Believe me my sweetheart- 

I listen to your tone of voice. 

Make me happy – 

Take me near you! 

Look deep pains in this heart 

Trying to forget it 

But it doesn’t stop. 

It’s me- baby 

Can’t you save me? 

You’re driving me crazily- 

And I will wonder you 

Let us prove-how we can stay alive.

  • 11

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