Poetry: Desiring!

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Poetry: Desiring!


You’ve got it! And it’s true. 

I wanted to tell you, 

Just give me only a chance- 

And let me start by saying the word 

That I wanted to tell you too much. 


In my dreams 

I can see your smile. 

I’d like to love you 

Tell me how to win your heart 

and you’re all I’ve ever wanted 

That I’ve kept you inside my mind

Let them say…

I’m so glad 

I found you, 

I’m not going to lose you 

I see a paradise

I found is too good to be true

standing here beside you 

I love you. 

I want so much to give you this love

That I’m feeling for you 

Let them say “We’re crazy”

I don’t care 

Put your hand in my hand, 

Don’t ever look back 

I’m so happy 

I catch you, 

I never want to miss you 

I see a heaven

I found is too excellent to be exact

Footing here next to you 

I feel affection for you 

We will make our dream together, 

Standing strong forever

if this world runs out of lovers,

We’ll still have each other 

And I promise

whatever it takes I will stay here with you

all that I need is you 

And I’ll be loving you.

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