Past Continuous Tense

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Past Continuous Tense:

We use the past continuous to talk about actions happening at a specific time in the past.

Yesterday at 9:30 a.m. I was going to school.

Monica and I were sitting in our classroom.

In Past Continuous Tense, then, while, at that moment, the other day, yesterday, all past events  etc. will be seen in the sentence.


♦ For Affirmative Sentence: 


I was learning English.    

We were learning English. 

You were learning English.    

S/he was learning English. 

They were learning English.    

Monica was learning English. 


♦ For Negative Sentence: 

S+was/were + not+V1-ing+O 

I was not learning Bengali.    

We were not learning Bengali. 

You were not learning Bengali.   

S/he was not learning Bengali. 

They were not learning Bengali.    

Monica was not learning Bengali. 

♦ For Interrogative Sentence: 


Was I learning English?   

Were we learning English?

Were you learning English?    

Was She/he  learning English?

Were they learning English?   

Was Monica learning English?

♦ For Negative Question Sentence: 


Was/were+S (Pronoun)+ not+V1-ing+O+?  

Was I not learning English?   

Were we not learning English?

Were you not learning English?    

Was She/he not  learning English?

Were they not learning English?   

Wasn’t Monica learning English?


While with the past continuous tense: 

We sometimes use while with the past continuous tense.

Yesterday at 5 pm. I was reading a book while my friends were playing in the field.

Yesterday at 8 o’clock, my friends and I were sitting in our classroom while Ms. Kona was teaching.

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