New Teacher.. ? Here you go …

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New Teacher.. ?
Here you go

This is the subject matter only for the new teacher for his or her new class. Yes, it’s really a new motto for him/her.
The point of an introduction is to establish yourself as a unique individual sharing the classroom with other unique individuals.
You may provide your name and the name of the course you’re teaching, and also may provide your Personal, Educational ,Teaching biography or some information.
In making your decision about what information to share, consider how much you want them to know and how much you want to reveal about yourself.The first day of class is his/her opportunity to present his/her vision of the class to prospective students.I think, for you- it is helpful and if you would love to introduce yourself as a scholar and educator and provide insight into how you would love to teach the class and what you would like to expect them to contribute to the learning process. Consider that several of your students will appreciate a clear road map of what you will require of them over the course of the semester. You may also want to model, as specifically as possible, the classroom environment you intend to foster during the class.
If you think, they may spend a good deal of time doing group work over the course of the semester, you may want to break them into groups the first day. 

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